There is a pending Class action lawsuit against popular pet food brands for wrongful ingredient labeling

Unproven fads and marketing trends instead of sound scientific principle

  • Dogs are not wolves they have been domesticated for over 12,000 years
  • Dogs are omnivores not carnivores
  • Cats are true obligate carnivores
  • High protein diets are dangerous for domestic dogs and cats  and can leads to cancer and kidney disease

Owners should be concerned so what should they do?

Go to the company website and look for transparency and answers to the following three questions

1)Who is formulating the pet food

  • Making pet food is complicated so you want someone qualified
  • George C. Fahey is an expert in gut health for both dogs and people and he formulates all of the diets for Lucy Pet.
  • Each kibble has the 40 plus nutrients in it so the diet is complete and balanced and safe!

2)How safe are the ingredients

  • What is the county of origin of ingredients?
  • Are they using trusted suppliers?
  • Are they inspecting and testing the ingredients?
  • Pet food recall in 2018 because pet food had euthanasia solution in it!

3)Where is the pet food manufactured?

  • A number of plants co-pack or make more than one brand so are sterilization protocols in place in between making different dog foods
  • Is the plant clean and regularly inspected?