• Important to have your horses microchipped as well as some form of ID. You can use a Fetlock ID band that stays on the horse permanently. During a fire evacuation, you can use a 6-inch piece of duct tape and write your phone number on and attach it to the horse’s mane. You can also use non-toxic paint and spay the number on their haunches. You can also have your phone number on your halter.
  • Know the local evacuation centers. Pierce College, La Equestrian Center, Hansen Dam, and Santa Anita Racetrack, depending on where the fire is located.
  • During the evacuation, you want to remove all horse blankets from the horses and take the horses out of stables with wood shavings and move to an arena with lots of space. Wood shavings will catch on fire.
  • Remove all plastic buckets from the fire area, as they will release toxic gases when burning.
  • All horses should be trailer trained. During an emergency is not the time to train them. Veterinarians will sometimes give acepromazine injectable into the horse to allow trailering if the vets are available.
  • Train and desensitize your horses to having items (blankets, shirts, etc.) placed on or over their bodies and faces. Horses may need to have things placed over their bodies to protect them from flames while being moved to a new location.
  • Have a plan in place, especially if your horse is in your backyard. Have phone numbers for veterinarians, barn managers, animal control, etc., in a readily accessible place.